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Dr. Louise Van der Velde

Dr. Louise van der Velde is a distinguished TV and media expert, accomplished author, and empowerment coach at the forefront of reversing aging and fostering empowerment among elites for the greater good. With a dedicated team of 15, she is committed to making a positive impact on society.
A passionate philanthropist, Louise actively supports various charities and causes, channeling her success into projects that benefit the community. Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 22 when she established her own business, employing 400 individuals. This venture marked the start of a true entrepreneurial odyssey, characterized by both significant victories and valuable, albeit challenging, lessons.
Over the course of two decades, Louise honed her coaching skills, working with CEOs and celebrities, and earning a reputation as a leading relationship expert. Her extensive experience also includes successfully managing a chain of private medical clinics, initially launching them and eventually overseeing their expansion to serve over 4000 patients. Concurrently, she orchestrated Living Well Events, conducting 25 workshops in just two days and catering to 2000 guests, as well as investor events and retreats.
In 2018, Louise embraced a new chapter in her career, delving into impact investing. This shift was prompted by a partnership offer to oversee a social impact, green project build. Eager to leverage her entrepreneurial acumen and management skills for global good, she explored impactful ways to make a difference in an increasingly complex world.
Beyond her involvement in medtech investment, Louise is currently spearheading a Non-Profit organization that encapsulates the culmination of her life’s work. This initiative aims to further empower community leaders, integrating cutting-edge medical interventions through elite membership programs on mega yachts and private islands. 
Its Dr Louise’s experience in working with life force ( sexual )  energy to then bring things into the physical realms, that makes her teachings unique. Louise’s trainings have been in psycology, and she is a trainer of NLP, Time line, emotional freedom technique as well as a tantra, meditation and energy teacher. 
Louise van der Velde’s dedication to creating positive change is exemplified through her multifaceted endeavours, which continue to impact lives around the globe.

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What My Clients Say

Dear Dr. Louise Van Der Velde

On behalf of the entire Women Empowerment initiative team we would like to welcome you as our GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR IMPACT. We are truly honoured to have had you as a Keynote Speaker at our international Woman’s Day UNESCO island Gala this past Friday. Now you are along the great women who’ve spoken at our previous conference’s. Great women like First Lady Michelle Obama, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Maria Shriver Kennedy and many more.

Rev. Dr. Daniel l. García

Women empowerment initative

Dr Louise has helped me so much, she is so kind, and after working with her on my mindset and energy alignment, to a better future, Im so excited about what the future holds. Thank you darling, I couldn’t do it without you.

Lauren Simon

Real Housewife of Cheshire

Been a busy few days – things are aligning now – I have renewed inner strength .

You are an amazing encouragement to so many people – as you are been blessed you to are passing on the blessing

I appreciate you

Confidential Client

Humanitarian Fund Director uk

 Your expertise and passion for sustainable solutions align perfectly with the goals of JET-UP and the broader mission of the Impact Exchange. We believe that your involvement will greatly contribute to the success of these initiatives, making a lasting impact on the communities we aim to serve. 

Your influence and dedication will play a crucial role in driving positive outcomes for the people we seek to help. 

Thank you for your commitment to our shared mission we are delighted to have made you our Global ambassador

 Dirk Kotze 

 Dirk Kotze 

We are totally fully booked untill the end of the month. We are now opening our second shop. Thank you for helping with PR.

Donna The Prom Den


Louise’s contagious personality and strong intuition unite people for personal growth through fun, driven by her higher purpose. Witnessing her for 8 years, she inspires and maintains a high vibration of love while tackling life’s highs and lows, providing a wonderful inspiration to those around her.

Riccardo Segat


Louise is great, I love her no nonsense approach to therapy.

Lorraine Kelly

TV Presenter

Louise Van der Velde literally changed my life, be prepared to be amazed at the results.

Nigel Hall

Executive Producer, The X Factor

Louise really has the answers, and gives the world a new model of relationships, where women can become the Goddesses they were born to be. To help women stand in their feminine power and not see it as a weakness. To help men be present for their women and to understand what their women really want. She gives you the secrets to create any relationship and take it to another level, so you can have dynamic fulfilment on an intimate basis. I endorse Louise who I’ve known almost 20 years 100%. I guarantee that you will learn strategies to take all of your relationships to an amazing place that you deserve

Peter Sage


You really are an element of divine guidance to the world. It’s almost impossible to describe how I see you. It’s like a existence of blissful beauty and oozing creative energy, in a way that is just truthful and pure.

Business Owner

Louise had given me the skills to deal with other areas of myself that I was unhappy
with, and armed me with the tools to tackle my jealousy should it rear its ugly head
again. Louise’s therapy taught me how to deal with it and changed me for the better.”
Louise Van Der Velde: have absolutely no fear of death and truly believe I will live to a ripe old age! My
doctors have taken me off most of my diabetic medication. My life has genuinely
changed. I will always be grateful to Louise for her help.”
“Her techniques worked almost immediately. If it wasn’t for the help we received
from Louise, I doubt we’d still be together.”
“Louise rescued us from the brink of a break-up. Now we’re having hot, sweaty sex

Coaching Client

Louise definitely has her finger on the pulse of life. I can’t wait to try all the exercises and get my life back on track.
I always believed that the institution of marriage was exactly that…..being in an institution (prison). Within most marriages there is often an ownership struggle with couples, (or one peron), thinking they own the other person – a recipe for disaster.
Louise is for people that want to stay in their marriages, or not. For single people, she helps you to see the light in relationships and how to avoid the traps.

Ann Shepel


Louise is my Mum, she has empowered me throughout all kinds of tests and challenges. She’s taught me the power of energy and how to overcome anything in life by tapping into it.
Proud to call her my mum

Chloe Mcewen

Level 3 fitness trainer

Louise Gives excellent easy to do exercises which you can implement in your life. Louise has shared her experiences, which really helped me as I was going through similar situations.
Well done Louise! I’m loving working with you.

Joanne Jameson


Louise Van Der Velde, aka the Pleasure Professor, is well known and admired within the holistic world for her straight-talking, honest, innovative and successful approach to clients’ well-being. She also has some amazing (and often astounding) tales to tell from her own experiences. Her coaching gives you an insight into her life as well as offering useful guidance and exercises to help you improve yours. Always entertaining and never patronising, Louise’s written work is as colourful and approachable as she is.

Miss H C Brookes


I’ve worked with Louise over many years, she has been a great supporter of my Charity. Ive seen her consistently go above and beyond for impact companies she’s worked with. She has held very high level events,

The retreats Ive joined have been a great part of my personal advancement. She’s helped me through some testing times, with her dynamic energy and Im excited to work with her and her team on many of the collaborations that have from our now long standing friendship.

Lance haggith OBE


I’ll be joining Louise in more of
the events I learnt you can believe in yourself and
achieve your goals. Trust me, when you do believe in yourself, whatever you dream
of, can come true.”

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Press, events or introductions, Louise has the network and rapport with everyone it seems.
She has a knack of getting the right people in the room who’s common interests align, and that’s where the magic happens.

Alister Punton

Founder of Storylines
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